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The Secret to Riches in the Seven Lean Years

In the Genesis, the Egyptian Pharaoh had a dream. In his dream, seven sleek and fat cows emerged from river Nile. After them, seven other cows, ugly and gaunt, came out of the Nile river and stood beside the earlier seven cows. To his horror, the seven ugly and gaunt cows began eating up the seven sleek, fat cows.

The Pharaoh jolted from his sleep and looked for his adviser to interpret his strange dream. The adviser said there would be seven lean years after the current seven years of prosperity. The famine would be so severe, no one would remember the abundance of the land.

The wise Pharaoh heeded his premonition and stored up large quantities of food. Then the famine came, it was extreme. People from all other countries were starving and they had to buy food from Egypt. As Egypt was well prepared for the famine, they prospered abundantly from the famine!

We just ended an 11-years prosperity in the investment market, and we are now heading into the lean years, triggered by the COVID-19. Just like the lean years in the story, this crisis is likely to be severe, and I think we are less than midway into it. By the end of the lean years, it would be severe, and people would not remember the previous abundance. However, just like how the famine brought prosperity to Egypt, it would bring great prosperity to those who are prepared!

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