The First Step To Building A Long-term Wealth Portfolio

Intelligent Investing in the Era of Disruption

This online investing course is SFC-Eligible and accredited
by IBF Standards Training Scheme

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Training Organisation: Unicorn Financial Solution

Organising Partner : Wealth Design Studio

Value Investing Courses for Singaporeans

Learn the fundamentals of value investing from Singapore’s financial experts and investment researchers and build your investment portfolio with growth companies.

Learn How To Pick Strong Growth Companies with Confidence For Your Investment Portfolio

Designed for beginner to intermediate investors, this is a comprehensive online course that is developed based on more than 20 years of investment research and best practices.

What You'll Learn

Fundamentals of Investing

Get up to speed with the principles of value investing and learn how its applications have evolved.

Traits of Growth Drivers

Learn how to identify and pick trustworthy stocks. Analyse financial documents and real case studies.

What are Undervalued Stocks

Methods to find undervalued stock to potentially buy low and sell high when the time is right.

Analysing Companies to Invest

Assess a company’s financial health and project growth before making investment decisions.

Evaluate Cash Flows

How to invest safely and wisely by scrutinising cash flows for inconsistencies.

Real Life Case Studies

Visit past case studies to see return on investments and understand strategies used.

Course Outcomes

Your investing knowledge will go a long way

1. Screen for and pick potential investments with confidence.

2. Learn how you can invest without a high capital.

3. Look at news reports and financial documents with a keen eye when making investment decisions.

4. Make smart investment strategies in any market conditions.

5. For financial advisors, you will learn how to recommend investable assets backed by careful research and evaluation.

Be Guided by Industry Experts
and Investment Researchers

Seow Kek Wee

As the Head of Investment Research and Lead Trainer at Unicorn Financial Solutions, Kek Wee leads a team of analysts in managing assets of over $450M. He is also an avid writer and speaker on the evolving stock market.

Joe Tan

Over the course of his career, Joe’s appointment as Deputy Head of Retail Banking and Head of Training has led him to develop his own unique style of training, one that is thorough and personable at the same time.

Hermawan Christanto

Serving an investment clientele of 160 diverse professionals, Hermawan works closely with Kek Wee as a Research Specialist and is also known for his lively energy as an instructor in the virtual classroom.

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*Full course fee (before subsidies): S$3210

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