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Getting to know the Grey Rhino

Who is the Grey Rhino?

The Grey Rhino is my alter ego and it personifies the message I want to send to others.

I am currently the Head of Investment Research in a boutique financial services company and I take care of $370 million in assets. Although it is a heavy responsibility, it is a fulfilling one as I get to keep the investments safe and help my clients build a happy and secure life.

Previously, I was an Audit Manager in one of the big 4 Auditing companies.

Why did you decide to join this industry?

When I graduated in 2001, I saw that my parents were having conflict over money issues and I wanted to solve these problems for them. Hence, I started financial planning with the aim of achieving financial independence; whereby I would have received a recurrent income after saving and investing.

After 4 years of trying this, I found it very beneficial and started helping others to do budgeting and investing. At that time, I did not want to work solely for the sake of earning money. Instead, I wanted to do work that I was passionate about. Furthermore, I wanted to be good at it and get fulfilment from helping others through my work.

Helping others with budgeting and investing gave me an opportunity to realise that I could find fulfilment when I helped others to plan their finances. Subsequently, I joined my current practice in January 2007, where I have continued to help others to invest and lead a happy, secured and prosperous life.  

What inspired you to come up with the Grey Rhino?

The “Grey Rhino” is a financial term that has the same connotation as “the elephant in the room”. It refers to a problem that is very large and obvious. However, many choose to ignore the issue even though it can be seen by everyone.

Hence, the Grey Rhino was created to educate people to focus on risk when investing instead of solely focusing making money. Warren Buffett used to mention that once you take care of risk, the returns will take care of itself.

The Grey Rhino was also created to prepare people to seize the opportunities that might arise. Lastly, the Grey Rhino was made to guide people to have compassion through investing. By first learning how to take care of ourselves, we can easily take care of others with the money we have made.

What do you want to achieve with the Grey Rhino?

I hope to help people live a prosperous and abundant life so that they need not worry about financial matters. I also wish to utilise the Grey Rhino to help people achieve a fulfilled life by using the wealth they have accumulated to help others and see others get better.

In this second leg of my life journey, I want to make a difference and impact others. Thus, I created Grey Rhino to help me do so.

If you have any questions about your personal investment portfolio or want to learn how to better reap the opportunity you are now having, feel free to reach me via or 8221 1200.

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